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You should know that the strategic modeling tool described below was an invention circa 2005-2007. Three seasoned, prospective retirees, sought to develope a web-based tool out of an interest to acquire an unvarnished strategic view of personal finance. They saw the need to invent a work of art to address the question - "(when) can I retire?" - outside the aegis of the financial services industry.

Health, Finance, Happiness

The inventors have since gone on with their lives. A benefit of knowing one's strategic financial picture is to avoid being constantly hounded with personal finance questions & piecemeal non-contextual advice of which there is plenty. Instead, the authors have been able to focus on managing their life style. Some of what they have discovered through their personal exploration has crept into the original model, now considered time-tested. The tool now finds itself once again expanding by incorporating health & happiness research findings. We now consider the tool a 3D-model for personal life planning for those who wish to at least score (if not balance) their personal finance, health, and happiness.

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When Can You Achieve Financial Indepedence consistent with your Life Style?
How Secure Is Your Financial Future?
What Is The Effect of Risk & Volatility?

These and similar questions are on the minds of many today, particularly tens of millions of Baby Boomers.

Using both a tool & consultative approach, we are here to assist with Independence

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FinancialMedic created a system to give middle America access to a comprehensive projection tool that provides a fully integrated view of your financial future, including domains: Investments, Real Estate, Health, Taxes, Insurance, Income & Expenses, Debt, Social Security/Pensions. About Projections - they are probabilistic in nature, especially when you consider health & mortality, an essential element of the tool. Like weather reports, projection models have limitations yet they do provide a helpful baseline and direction.

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This is not a dumbed-down calculator to entertain!

As an example, the authors perceived risk in 2005 with respect to real estate markets & related mortgage offerings. Authors' initial R&D product focus was in Real Estate & Debt domains, the intent being to build a quantitative balance sheet projection of 'R.E. - Debt' such that each author was able make appropriate personal decision(s). The payoff was to avoid the devastating consequences of the Financial Crisis. So where were the investment houses, Federal Reserve, media pundits, economists, certified financial planners, regulatory agencies, etc. at the time!? Same question with the lead up to the tech crash in 2000? Millions of Americans may have been doing the "right thing" by saving & managing their 401Ks, IRAs, aka Investments - but that has done little to save a generation from disaster!

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